Made to live. Built to last.


Killen Furniture prides itself on quality. Our ‘Made to Live. Built to last.’ motto captures the essence of what we are all about; designing and manufacturing joinery for home and commercial fit-outs including furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, office spaces, reception areas and much more, that are equally as functional and strong as they are beautiful.




Made to live. Built to last.

The Killen Furniture Team.


When you have an amazing team, you get amazing results!




owner | cabinet maker

This guy just cannot sit still! Anthony (but to most known as Skip) believes that every holiday should include mountain hikes, ocean swims and water crafts…lazing about is just not in his nature! He also believes in quality. His passion for furniture making has truly been lifelong. After winning a nation-wide competition in cabinet making that resulted in a scholarship to Tuscany, Italy, he became completely inspired and decided to make a career of it. Killen Furniture is not far off celebrating two decades of business. Anthony prides himself on attention to detail and the use of high quality and unique products in joinery that Killen Furniture offers.

Favourite Movie: TBD

Doppelgänger: Jason Statham



interior designer | consultant

A passionate dancer and teacher, Melissa has been threatening the Killen Furniture Team with an appearance on ‘Dance Boss’, however her attempts have been unsuccessful to date. But who knows what the future holds? Melissa will soon be completing her qualifications in Interior Design and Decoration with the International School of Colour and Design and loves her role in consulting with clients. She is so excited to lead a new venture on a range of boutique furniture that will be available for online purchase in 2020.

Favourite Movie: Gone With The Wind

Doppelgänger: Emily Blunt (Ha! She’s dreaming!)



Cabinet maker | CNC Programmer

Jackson is a skilled drift racer and spends much of his spare time either in or under his car. Competing all over the country, Jackson has racked up loads of success in competition (his trophy shelf is overflowing). He is also one of our fully qualified tradesmen who completed his Apprenticeship with us three years ago. A perfectionist on the tools, Jackson is also amazing on the CNC programming sophisticated instructions that compliment our CAD software package.

Favourite Movie: Fast + Furious 7

Doppelgänger: TBD



draftsman | JOINER

Where will you find Matt on the weekends? There’s a 90% chance that you will find him 15,000 feet up pursuing his passion as a Commercial Fixed-Wing Pilot…he can park a plane! Contrary to his requests, we refuse to call him ‘Captain’. Although not a paid role within the business, he is also in charge of the Showroom playlist. Matt is also amazing on the tools and is our number one CAD technician, working on drawings to millimetre accuracy before our Joinery is manufactured in the Killen Furniture Workshop.

Favourite Movie: The Bourne Series

Doppelgänger: Matt Damon




Darren, fondly known as Daz, is super environmentally aware and enjoys doing his bit to contribute to this planet’s sustainability. Whether it be food or kitchen manufacture, he does the hard yards to ensure the most positive impact on the environment is implemented. Surprisingly current with the music scene, he provides weekly advice on the best tracks for Melissa’s dance class choreography. But there is more! Not only does he design gorgeous spaces, Daz works at a mind-blowing pace! Paired with his architectural and design skills is his ability to think forward as far as aesthetics, ergonomics and functionality are concerned, making him a valuable Team player at Killen Furniture.

Favourite Movie: The Dark Knight

Doppelgänger: Jesus




‘Cool. Cool. Cool.’ Jackson is literally one of the happiest people we know! He is a full-on creative who loves repurposing things to give them a new life. He is currently building his own home by sourcing, fixing and making new with his own bare hands…impressive! Jackson is there in a heart beat when times get busy at Killen Furniture, putting his skills to use as part of the team in the Workshop and singing his (actually very talented!) lungs out.

Favourite Movie: TBD

Doppelgänger: Jake Peralta (Not so much in looks, but 100% in personality!)




Jack is ‘The New Kid On The Block’ who has taken to the job like a hammer to the nail! In his spare time, you might find Jack atop a horse competing in Polo Crosse and other equine (fancy) events at shows around the country. The stakes have been raised at smoko and lunch breaks, with Jack going head to head with Matt for the winner of the ‘Best Lunch’…impressive! His Apprenticeship with Killen Furniture will not be his first! With an Upholstery trade and an incredible work ethic already under his belt, we hope to incorporate his many skills into some exciting future projects!

Favourite Movie: TBD

Doppelgänger: The Young Justin Timberlake (think ‘NSYNC’)




Did you say ‘Dungeons and Dragons’? If so, you know you have a fan in Graham, who loves a good game in his spare time. Graham joined the Killen Furniture Team over a year ago now and loves the work he does here as a labourer. It is Graham who spends hours preparing board and timber for our Joiners. He is super hardworking!

Favourite Movie: TBD

Doppelgänger: Willem Dafoe

Our Showroom.


Attention to detail is our thing. Make an appointment with our in-house architect, draftsman or interior design and decoration consultant to get the ball rolling.